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Hi, I'm Elly! I've been working my magic with marketing and PR in the gaming industry for 5 years, and I've written about the wonderful world of anime professionally. When I'm not busy wordsmithing, I'm either playing video games with friends or group-watching anime/movies, jamming out to K-pop, and taking tons of photos of my darling kitties. Nice to meet you! ✨

Join me as I scream into the Fog, fabricating fabulous galaxy-brained plays in Dead by Daylight! Along with that is my lengthy quest of completing every Yakuza/RGG game available in English, but I also love playing other games like Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, Splatoon 3, Tears of Themis, sprinkled with some otome games, fighting games and other cool indie games. I sometimes also do co-working/co-studying streams, so if you have tasks to conquer, let's smash them together!

To get my gaming/hobby hot takes, visit my blog, Figuratively Speaking!

And if you're into anime, check out my writing on Crunchyroll!

For business inquiries, contact me here: ellyberries29@gmail.com

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