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Hi, I'm Elly! I've been working my magic with marketing and PR in the gaming industry for 5 years, and I've written about the wonderful world of anime professionally. When I'm not busy wordsmithing, I'm either playing video games with friends or group-watching anime/movies, jamming out to K-pop, and taking tons of photos of my darling kitties. Nice to meet you! ✨

I do co-working/co-studying streams, so if you have tasks to conquer, let's smash them together! When I'm not working, I do have my lengthy quest of completing every Yakuza/RGG game available in English, but I also love playing other games like Animal Crossing, Dead by Daylight, Valorant, Tears of Themis, sprinkled with some otome games and fighting games.

To get my gaming/hobby hot takes, visit my blog, Figuratively Speaking!

And if you're into anime, check out my writing on Crunchyroll!

For business inquiries, contact me here: ellyberries29@gmail.com

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